Word play and reinforcing meaning

In stripping things back and having a less visual focus in design work a reoccurring theme throughout the construction of user experience has been the power and importance of words. Stripped back to the core words are the key driver of understanding and they need to be chosen and implemented well.

Amusement aside wordplay is about reinforcing meaning. The combination of words, the meaning and the flow is very important in creating an experience that is intriguing, directive and clear. Much like poetry, strength can be created through the interplay of words and the choice will add to the users desire to click through.

Like a finely crafted rhyme, flows, connections, parallels and juxtapositions are an equally important component of delivering user experience design. Your opening lines need to make an impact, the work needs to have a rhythm and fluidity, delivering a feeling in a form that is understood. Opening lines and introduction can take root and plant you in a masterpiece, pulling you in to the story that follows.


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